Chicano Latino Student Association.  It was really good to go to the retreat and connect with my heritage which I know absolutely nothing about.  I really like the hispanic culture, aka all the dancing.  I danced hard (Ive realized Im not shy about dancing anymore) and tried to pretend I could move my hips in Latina fashion. 

It was great to meet people from the 5Cs and hopefully I’ll remain friends with some of them.  We had one exercise at the end where people had to put stickers with descriptions of you on your back and at the end I felt so goood to have quite alot of stickers, its nice to have a reassurance that you do well interacting with new people.  Also about 4 of them said “good/great dancer” which made me flood with happiness because Ive always considered myself a horrible dancer.  I was also told by Sergio that I am a “fucking slutty dancer” but that its a good thing and honestly I love to hear that because thats college life man.  Hopefully I keep in touch with a few friends I made there. 

Also it was really, really eye opening and perspective changing to hear about the stories of undocumented students or students with families ripped apart by deportation.  Immigration has never been much of an issue but it helped me realize how blessed I am not to have that constant fear of deportation or the horrendous ripping apart of families that happened to so many there. 

I wish I had grown up with exposure to hispanic culture. 

  • 9 September 2012
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